Minutes POA Executive Board Meeting March 1st, 2021 (Approved)

Monday, March 1st, 2021 @ 7:00 pm

Agenda Item 1: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m.

Board members present:  Robert Dahill, Robin Sandler, Dick Greenalch, Peggy Haering,   Len Farber, Seth Hershman, Mark Law, Ray Seligson. Peggy Taylor, Linda Sachs, and Bruce Calderone.

Board members absent:  Joe Thomas

Agenda Item 2:  Upon motion and second the Board voted to approve the Minutes of the Jan 4, 2021 Meeting.

Agenda Item 3.  Communications.  (a)  Recognizing Pat Kaplan.  Bob Dahill noted the passing of a friend, a neighbor and former President of the Pine Orchard Board of Directors.  Pat Kaplan died on Feb 14 after a long and courageous fight against ALS.

Pat was anactivemember of the board from 2012 -2016 and served as its President from 2014-16.  When Pat enrolled in law school in 1975, she began an internship at the New Haven Legal Assistance Association. [Legal Aid]. Sixteen years later, Pat became the Executive Director of New Haven Legal Aid and worked in that capacity until 2012–a 37-year commitment to helping others. When she retired in 2012, the Connecticut Law Tribune named her one of the “Dozen who made a Difference”.  

Pat’s enthusiasm and strong support for others extended to all things Pine Orchard. She led the organization during challenging times .She recruited a number of people to serve on the board including past members; Susan Davis, Linda Giordano, Matt Moran, and  current board members, Peggy Haering and Bob Dahill. 

The Executive Board would like to recognize Pat for her enormous contribution to our community and extend our deepest sympathies to her family. Robin Sandler praised Pat’s work, especially her service to Legal Aid.  Peggy Haering spoke of Pat’s courage and noted that she was a fighter to the end.

(b)  RTM Update. Tom Brockett reported that the Blackstone Library is seeking funding to replace an air conditioning unit and that a new budget will be presented.  On March 3rd, the Board of Education will be meeting about school re-opening.  The Pine Orchard Association has been communicating about Covid-19 vaccination guidelines and vaccine availability.  Currently, ages 55 and up and schoolteachers are eligible for vaccination. On March 23, eligibility will open up for those aged 45 and up.  On April 12th, those aged 35 and up will be eligible.  On May 3rd, vaccinations will be available for those aged 16 through 34. 

Agenda Item 4. Treasurer’s Report.  Linda Sachs presented the 3/01 Budget Report.  All association real estate taxes and rent have been collected in full.  Building and permit fees are about 2.5 times the amount budgeted.  This is largely due to applications for building permits and installation generators.   We have a 13-month Certificate of Deposit that is expiring at the Bank of America.  Renewal is not recommended due to low interest rates. Upon motion and second, the Board approved the Treasurer’s Report and moving the funds from the expiring CD to the savings account at the Bank of America.

Agenda Item 5.  Committee Reports. 

By-Laws (M. Law, R. Seligson) Discussion on POA Patio Zoning Ordinance.  Mark Law reported that a public hearing on the proposed amendment regarding patios/setbacks will take place on March 15, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. (via Zoom).  He and Ray Seligson have drafted amendments to the by-laws regarding a tie-breaking process, using email to send notices to  residents, and conflicts of interest.

B.   Nominating Committee (R. Sandler) – Robin reviewed data on Board openings.  Four positions will be up for election at the annual meeting in July 2021.  Two current board members, Peggy Haering and Seth Hershman, will run for re-election.  Peggy was appointed to the board in 2016, was elected to her first three-year term in 2018; she now will be running for her second 3-year term.  Seth was appointed in 2020 and will be running for his first 3-year term. Robin will solicit nominations for those interested in running for the board.  At this point it is unknown whether the voting will be in person or remote.   

C. Municipal /Community Liaison (B. Calderone, S. Hershman) a) Seth Hershman reported that The POA with Peter Robinson’s assistance sent out a post card with key chains reminding residents to “Lock Your Car”.  b) RT146 . The sidewalk project is on hold for now.  There are a number of issues concerning the taking of property, and it is important to determine the level of community support for the project.  It is important to address safety issues where it’s most critical. 

D.   Long Range Planning (L. Sachs) Linda presented a three-year fiscal-plan for the association.  The headquarters building may have garage space to rent out.  There is room for additional vehicles. 

E.   Waterfront: Maintenance & Access (R. Sandler) The stairs at Spring Rock Road are finished and came out very well.  The railing has been installed.  There is additional concrete work to be done on Island View Avenue.  Very little of the shoreline maintenance budget has been spent so far.  Robin will meet with the company that does repairs.  We need to build a sinking fund for shoreline maintenance.  In the Crescent Bluff matter Wheeler v. Cosgrove ,the parties are seeking another extension. The Association is prepared to honor the settlement previously reached.

Linda Sachs asked about the breakwater and sidewalk at the end of Island View Avenue.  She said that the sidewalk to the breakwater east of the Schiavone property needs to be rebuilt . The area near the stairs down to the beach seems is sinking.  There is a suggestion that we discontinue mooring rentals.  At high tide it is dangerous to get to the moorings and at low tide there is very little draft.  It would be costly to dredge the basin and to replace the poles.  Upon motion and second the Board voted to suspend mooring rentals for 2021 and to consider the matter again if future demand arises.

F.    Building Maintenance (J. Thomas, S. Hershman) a) Upon motion and second the board authorized Peter Robinson to replace the current POA sign b) The new lighting system has been installed.  Lights go on at sunset and go off at 10 p.m. 

G.   Zoning / Chapel Liaison (D. Greenalch)  Dick Greenalch reported that the Phase I work on the Chapel is completed.  Some windows are being worked on and the cupola will be done by April 2021.  The project is awaiting further funding from the State of CT.  Phase Two will include interior work and replacing the powder room.  They hope to be done everything by early 2022.  Barbara Coley said that the foundation work is done and that windows are being reworked.  The original glass is intact.  The original bell will also be reinstalled.  The Chapel will not be available for events until 2022.

The Wihbey case challenging the ZBA decision on short-term rentals has been briefed and is awaiting a court date.

H.   Tax Collector (L. Farber) Real estate taxes have been 100% collected.

I.    Beautification (P. Taylor, B. Dahill) – “Art in the Park” project is moving ahead.  The goal is to install two pieces in Triangle Park by June 2021.  The Garden Club tour is set for June 2021.  The Public Works Department will install a water closet in the Triangle; however, that work is not done yet.

Agenda Item 6. New Business: The annual meeting of the Association is normally held on the first Monday in July.  However, that date would be July 5, 2021.  It is proposed to move the meeting to Monday, July 12, 2021 to allow more members to attend.  Upon motion and second, the Board voted to move the annual meeting to July 12th.Propose moving annual meeting from July 5 to July 12th due to the July 4th holiday.    

Agenda Item 7: .Office Manager: Peter Robinson Report –Peter is working on completion of the building signage and lighting.  He is updating procedures to be followed in connection with amendment of the zoning ordinance.  He helped create and distribute the, “Lock Your Car” postcard and key chain mailing.  He is assisting with the community collection of diapers and wipes.

Agenda Item 8.  Upon motion and second the Board voted to adjourn at 8:17 p.m.

Note: Remaining 2021 Meeting Dates: –

Monday, May 3, 2021,

POA Annual Meeting held on Monday July 12, 2021-

Public Meeting on proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment, Monday, March 15, 2021 @ 7:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Margaret Haering, Clerk

Documents received:  3/01 Treasurer’s Report; 3-year Budget, Office Manager’s report