May 3 meeting – Proposed Amendment to Pine Orchard Association Zoning Regulations

Re Patios

The By-laws Committee and the Planning Committee recommends to the Executive Board that the Zoning Regulations be amended as follows to permit patios within the sideline setbacks.

4.3 Accessory Building.

Accessory use incident to the above permitted uses. No accessory building shall be used for residence purposes except for persons employed on the premises. Such accessory buildings shall be attached to the main building by a common wall, or by a breezeway not to exceed ten feet in length. Provided, however, that on any lot exceeding 12,500 square feet in area there may be one detached accessory building and one additional detached accessory building for each additional 15,000 square feet area of said lot. Accessory buildings shall be included in the permitted building area. The total area of all buildings shall not exceed the maximum building area, nor encroach upon the applicable front, rear, and side yard requirements. Swimming pools, patios, and game courts, whether on, above, or below grade level, shall not be computed as part of the allowable building area, but shall be located so as to conform to all front, rear, and side yard requirements. Outside artificial light shall be so arranged that no strong rays fall upon neighboring dwellings.

Section 16 Definitions.

STRUCTURE: A structure is a combination of materials to form a construction for use, occupation, or ornamentation, whether installed on, above or below the surface of land or water. However, a structure shall not include sidewalks, patios which are constructed at the natural grade, parking areas, driveways, fences not exceeding six feet in height and landscape features. Retaining walls, non-retaining walls, fences, or any combination thereof greater than six (6) feet in height are considered structures. A retaining wall, non-retaining wall, fence, or any combination thereof greater than six (6) feet in height defined herein as a structure shall be certified by a Professional Engineer licensed to practice in the State of Connecticut, and such certification shall be filed with the Pine Orchard Association Zoning Authority prior to construction.