Proposed Amendment to the Pine Orchard Zoning Regulations

Purpose: To preserve the open vistas of Long Island Sound, while allowing waterfront property
owners to preserve their privacy.

Proposed Language: Amendment to Section VI:

The definition of front Yards shall be amended as follows:
“*Front Yards
When lots run through to another street there shall be deemed a front yard on each street.
Where lots are corner lots there shall be deemed a front yard on each side adjacent to a street.
Where a lot is located on Long Island Sound with water on more than one side, each such side
shall be deemed a front yard.

Where lots are located on the Long Island Sound waterfront, no building, structure fence,
landscaping feature, hedge or plants greater than 3 feet in height shall be erected, constructed,
maintained, permitted,
or altered so as to extend beyond between Long Island Sound and the
Waterfront Building Line drawn on the zoning map. Deciduous trees with a caliper of 4 inches
or more and a canopy floor of 16 feet or more shall be exempt

Comments and Notes:
Strikethrough = existing language to be deleted.
Bold & Italicized= new language.

Common definitions: A tree caliper is a special caliper to measure the diameter at breast height
of a tree. When used in landscaping, the term “caliper” can refer to the diameter of a tree’s
trunk at breast height itself. The measurement is generally made at 4.5 feet (1.4 m) to 5 feet
(1.5 m) above the soil.

Canopy: Tree canopy means the branches, leaves, or other foliage from woody vegetation
exceeding five (5) feet in height.