POA Executive Board Meeting minutes 1-3-2021 (approved)

Executive Board of the Pine Orchard Association

January 3, 2022

A regular meeting of the Executive Board of the Pine Orchard Association was conducted via the Zoom videoconferencing Application.

Board members present:  Mark Law, Peggy Haering, Linda Sachs, Len Farber, Seth Hershman, Bruce Calderone, Peg Taylor, Matt Baretz, David Silverstone, John Grathwol.

Agenda Item 1, the meeting was called to order by Mark Law at 7:02 p.m.

Agenda Item 2,  Upon motion and second the Board approved the minutes of the previous Executive Board Meeting held on November 1, 2021.   

Agenda Item 3, Nominations:  Upon motion and second, the Board unanimously elected Mark Law as president of the Board.  Upon motion and second, the board unanimously elected Bruce Calderone as Vice President.  Seth Hershman, chair of the nominating committee, said that there were two candidates to replace Board members Bob Dahill and Ray Seligson who recently resigned.  The candidates were Vincent Giordano to serve the remainder of Bob Dahill’s term through June 2022 and David Scheer to serve the remainder of Ray Seligson’s term through June 2023. 

Peggy Haering asked what the selection process had been because she was advised that Judith Leibmann had also asked to be considered for the Board.  Seth said that he was not made aware of Judith’s interest until January 3rd and that he had already made the decision based on the two candidates he was aware of on a first come, first served basis.  Seth said that he had conducted his due diligence and felt that the first two candidates to step forward were qualified.  David Silverstone proposed that we develop a process going forward for handling board nominations, including setting a cut-off date for expressions of interest and a process to be followed when the number of interested candidates exceeded the number of board openings. 

Upon motion and second, Vincent Giordano was unanimously approved as a Board member.  Upon motion and second, David Scheer was approved as a Board member.

Agenda Item 4.  Linda Sachs presented the budget report as of January 1, 2022.  We have already collected 100% of the taxes.  Total cash available is $ 210,255.05 in all accounts.  John Grathwol asked about how amounts for legal expenses and shoreline maintenance had been predicted, especially as how no money had been spent for shoreline maintenance thus far. Upon motion and second the report was approved.

Agenda Item 5: Committee reports

a) By-Laws (Mark Law)  There is no update.  The Board will consider additional committee assignments for the remainder of the term. 

(b) Nominating—(Seth Hershman/Mark Law) No further report.  

(c) Municipal/Community Liaison:  (Bruce Calderone) had nothing new to report. 

(d) Long Range Planning (Linda Sachs) Nothing to report.

(e) Waterfront Maintenance (David Silverstone) David is looking for an independent engineer to evaluate the seawall at the end of Island View Avenue.  David wanted to clarify which seawalls the Association is obligated to repair.  It was agreed that the Board would ask the Association’s counsel to respond to that question and to consult transaction documents concerning the sea wall at the end of Island View Avenue.  David Scheer said that he had the name of an independent engineer who could assist with the evaluation of the seawall. 

(f) Building Maintenance (John Grathwol) There is a need for a lockbox at the headquarters building so that residents could deposit large prints at the office.  Peter Robinson found one for $400, which he can install.  The expenditure was approved without vote.

(g) Zoning (M.Baretz) Matt reviewed the zoning statistics for the past three years.  He noted that a new statute, Public Act 21-29, has been enacted.  The law will allow accessory dwelling units to be placed in single family zones.  The POA must determine by a cut-off date whether to opt out of the program.  If we do not, the law will take effect in 2022.

 (h) Tax Collection—(Len Farber) Taxes are fully collected.

(i) Beautification—(Peg Taylor).  The pipes for the sprinkler system for Triangle Park need to be installed We need to coordinate with the First Selectman’s office on the installation.  After the system is in place the Town’s Parks and Recreation Department will handle getting the water turned on in the spring and off in the fall.  Peg with follow up with Town Hall and Connecticut Irrigation. park so that the plants can be watered more easily.  The cost to the POA will be approximately $1800, which has previously been approved. 

Agenda Item 6—New Business (none)

Agenda Item 7—Office Manager’s Report. Peter Robinson reported that the gas company is responsible for the Porta-a-Potty that was placed on Pine Orchard Road.  Peter asked the gas company to move it.  Also, Peter has found a 1906 listing of Pine Orchard.  He will look into whether the library can take care of it.

Agenda Item: Adjournment., Upon motion and second the meeting was adjourned at 7:52 p.m.

Future Meetings (All future meetings will be held at 7:00 PM at the Pine Orchard Association office 180 Pine Orchard Rd, or by the ZOOM application

Monday, March 07, 2022, &

Monday, May 02, 2022,

Documents Received:  Treasurer’s Report