POA Executive Board Meeting minutes 3-7-2021 (Approved)

Executive Board of the Pine Orchard Association

March 7, 2022

At the call of the President, the meeting of the Executive Board of the Pine Orchard Association was conducted via the Zoom videoconferencing Application.

Board members present:  Mark Law, Peggy Haering, Linda Sachs, Bruce Calderone, Peg Taylor, David Silverstone, John Grathwol. David Silverstone, David Scheer

Board members absentMatt Baretz, Seth Hershman, Len Farber, Vin Giordano

Agenda Item 1, the meeting was called to order by President, Mark Law at 7:02 p.m.

Agenda Item 2,  Upon motion and second the Board approved the minutes of the previous Executive Board Meeting held on January 3, 2022.   

Agenda Item 3, Assignment of chairs/co-chairs for vacancies on POA Board.  Mark Law reviewed committee assignments for Board members.  He noted that Len Farmer has decided to resign from the Board due to health reasons.  Seth Hershman will continue to serve as Nominating Committee chair.  Peg Taylor will lead the Beautification Committee. Matt Baretz is responsible for Zoning.  Bruce Calderone will serve as Vice President and municipal liaison; Peggy Haering and Linda Sachs are on the Long-Term planning committee; John Grathwol and David Scheer are responsible for bylaws and John is responsible for building maintenance. Vin Giordano will be working on the shorefront maintenance committee with David Silverstone.

Agenda Item 4. Treasurer’s Report Linda Sachs presented the budget report as of March 1, 2022.  Total cash available is $207,187 in all accounts; approximately 35% of the budget has been spent thus far this year.  We have some large expenses, such as repaving the headquarters parking lot, coming up.  David Scheer asked about the legal bills. Linda said that the last bill was received in September 2021.  Mark Law said that he will ask the Association’s counsel to give us more regular billing.   Upon motion and second the report was approved.

Agenda Item 5: Committee reports

a) By-Laws (John Grathwol) John reported that he had had several productive meetings about harmonizing the Association’s charter with its bylaws.  Other members of the committee included Peter Hugret, Allan DeFelippo, Bob Buckholz and David Scheer.  Peggy Haering volunteered to serve on the committee.

(b) Nominating—(Seth Hershman/Mark Law) Seth will continue in this role.  He will be issuing guidance on procedures for managing the nomination process in the future.  

(c) Municipal/Community Liaison:  (Bruce Calderone) had nothing new to report. 

(d) Long Range Planning (Linda Sachs, Peggy Haering) Nothing to report.

(e) Waterfront Maintenance (David Silverstone/Vin Giordano) David said that due to major storms the Association had several areas of waterfront damage to address.  The first area is Island View Avenue, near the breakwater.  Stones have been dislodged and cement needs repair.  The steps leading to the beach need a granite step at the bottom and the handrail is falling apart.  The cost of repairs in this area is $4000 for the seawall repair, $2000 for the stairs and $500 for repainting the railing.  On Island View Avenue at the end of Waterside Drive, the wooden staircase has washed away.  The stairs need to be replaced. The cost of that work is $3000.  The stairs leading to the beach on Island View Avenue at Chapel Drive need to be secured to the seawall.  The cost of that repair is $1500.  At the Selden Avenue beach access point the stairs need to be repaired.  The cost of that work is $3000.  The estimated total for all repairs is $14,000- $15,000. David said that Vin Giordano was extremely helpful in putting together the cost estimates. 

David Scheer asked about getting DEEP permits for the work.  Mark Law said that DEEP gave the Association permission to do these repairs based on life and safety concerns. David Scheer asked about ownership of the rights of way.  David Silverstone said that the beach access points on Island View Avenue are owned by the Association.  There was a question as to ownership of the access point on Selden Ave.  Peggy Haering said that the Town of Branford owns ½ of the pathway, but she was uncertain whether the Town’s interest extended to the stairs.  It was suggested that the Association approach the Town to see if it would contribute to repair of the stairs. 

Mark Law said that we have a life and safety issue it made sense to undertake the repairs without obtaining multiple bids or resolving ownership issues.  Peggy Haering said that the estimates were modest.  Peggy Taylor moved to authorize the Association to spend up to $15,000 to complete repairs on the beach access points, subject to a conversation with the Town whether it would assume responsibility for repairs to the stairs on Selden Avenue.  The motion was seconded and passed.

(f) Building Maintenance (John Grathwol) John deferred to Peter Robinson about the status of the headquarters. Peter said that gutter cleaning was going to be performed

(g) Zoning (M.Baretz) Matt was not present.  Mark Law said that we needed to review Public Act 21-29, which authorizes placement of accessory dwelling units in properties zoned for single family dwellings and make a decision whether to opt out of the program in 2022.

 (h) Tax Collection—(Len Farber) No report.

(i) Beautification—(Peg Taylor).  The POA is waiting for the Branford Public Works Department to connect the sprinkler/drip system for Triangle Par., The cost to the POA will be approximately $1800. 

(j) Municipal Liaison  (Bruce Calderone)  No report.

Agenda Item 6—New Business.  David Scheer recommended that the Board consider adding a regular agenda item on pending litigation to each meeting.

Agenda Item 7—Office Manager’s Report.  Peter Robinson reviewed his activities, including details on ZBA hearings and zoning applications.  Taxes are 100% collected. Repaving of the parking lot is scheduled for the late spring.

Agenda Item: Adjournment., Upon motion and second the meeting was adjourned at 8:18 p.m.

Future Meetings

Monday, May 02, 2022,

Annual Meeting, Monday, July 11, 2022

All future meetings will be held at 7:00 PM at the Pine Orchard Association office,

180 Pine Orchard Rd, or by the ZOOM application.