The Pine Orchard Association Executive Board is comprised of 12 volunteer members who have been nominated and voted into office by POA constituents – Prerequisites for serving on the board include owning real estate within the Association and being eighteen years of age or older. Board members volunteer their time with a desire, Per Section 2 of the Charter Board in order β€œto provide for the improvement of the lands in said district, and for the health, comfort, protection and convenience of persons living therein.” Board members serve three-year terms and a maximum of two consecutive terms (6 years total). All eligible residents are encouraged to become active participants.

Current POA Executive Board 

Bob Dahill2022pres@poa-ct.orgPresident*
Robin Sandler 2021vp@poa-ct.orgVice President*
& Nominating Committee
Linda Sachs2022+treasure@poa-ct.orgTreasure*
Peggy Haering2021clerk@poa-ct.orgClerk*
Len Farber2023+tax@poa-ct.orgTax Collector
Robin Sandler/
Ray Seligson
2021/2023+waterfront@poa-ct.orgWaterfront Maintenance, Access & Boat Moorings
Mark Law/
Ray Seligson
Joe Thomas/
Seth Hershman
2022/2023+building@poa-ct.orgPOA Building & Grounds Maintenance
Bruce Caldarone/
Seth Hershman
2023+/2023+liaison@poa-ct.orgMunicipal, Community Liaison & Sidewalks
Peg Taylor/Bob Dahill2023+/2022parks@poa-ct.orgCommunity Beautification
Bob Dahill/
Linda Sachs/
Mark Law & Peggy Haering
planning@poa-ct.orgLong Range Planning
Richard Greenalch2021zoning@poa-ct.orgPlanning and Zoning Commissioner &
POA Liaison to Union Chapel

NOTE:(+) End date of first term   (*) POA Executive Board Officer