Although all Pine Orchard residents pay property tax to the Town of Branford, the 322 Pine Orchard property owners in district 5 are levied with a small 4 mil property tax to fund all POA operations and services.

Budget & Financial Reports
Below you will find past POA budget reports as prepared by the Treasurer. Click on any report below to view or download it as a PDF. Please note, if you wish to review earlier budget reports, email OM@POA-CT.ORG and the document will be emailed to you.

NOTE: These PDF documents can be download to your local client (PC) by placing the mouse arrow over the document link and then right clicking your mouse and selecting from the drop down menu “save link as …” .

The fiscal years for both The Town of Branford and Pine Orchard starts on July 1st, ending on June 30th. The tax rate for 2017 is 4 mils based on a 70% assessment.

Tax bills are mailed out no later than June 30th and taxes are due within 30 days. They become delinquent if not paid before August 3rd 2020. A delinquent bill is charged a minimum of $5.00 or 9% (0.82%/Month on the unpaid balance). Please note, if payment is received in the POA office after Aug. 1st, it is deemed delinquent and a new bill for the $5.00 or 0.82% will be generated and mailed. We do not base delinquency on the postmark, but the arrival date at the POA office. Lastly, interest charged on past due bills cannot be waived unless there is an assessor error.

If payment is not received by Nov 1st, demand notices are sent; if taxes remain unpaid after the issuance of demand notices, a lien will be filed in June. The lien fee is $120, $60 to file and $60 to release. If payment is not received by June 30 of the following year, further actions will be taken – at the discretion of the POA Board.